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When logged in as a customer, you can

When logged in as a user, you can

  • Manage your files and folders on the Rambla CDN.
  • Use our Media Player to preview your media or to generate Flash player embed code.
  • Encode your media files to video, audio or still images using an easy-to-use transcoding wizard.
  • Check your transcoding history.
  • Get detailed statistics for your user account, or create filters to generate custom statistics for a file or directory.
  • Define thresholds to receive email warnings when a certain traffic volume has been reached.
  • Get traffic details (bandwidth, views, events, unique visitors) for your user account or for individual files and directories.
  • Find out what percentage of a stream was watched by end-users, or for how long a file was streamed or downloaded.
  • Retrieve the geographical location of your users up to city level.
  • Discover the number of concurrent viewers during a live stream, measured at an interval of your own choice.
  • Monitor your monthly storage consumption.
  • Provide third-party access to part of your user account and/or statistical data.
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