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Rambla Web Services - Version 4

We are happy to announce that Rambla Web Services (RAWS) has reached a new milestone. Version 4 of RAWS will focus on simplifying the workflow of publishing, distributing, monetizing and managing your content. This should improve integration of our services in both front- and back-end applications and enhance usability.

Version 4.0 of RAWS already comes with a major change: from now on JSON will be used as the preferred data format for communication with the web-services. JSON, as a low-overhead alternative to XML, has gained widespread support in real-world situations and makes it easier to quickly develop client applications in any programming language. Open source RAWS 4.0 clients are already available for PHP, Python and Java.

If you are starting a new project, we strongly recommend that you use the RAWS v4 clients and documentation, as some of the new features may only be available using JSON. For existing projects, RAWS remains fully backward compatible. It also remains possible to consult the version 3 docs on our wiki.

See the release notes for more information about this upgrade.

About Rambla Web Services

Rambla Web Services (RAWS) is the common denominator for a number of web services which expose a programmatic interface to the Rambla CDN and related services (hosting, encoding, statistics, live-streaming, metadata). The RAWS API's are based on REST principles and open standards. They accommodate for rapid client application development in any programming language.