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New Control Panel Features
01/11/2010 - 17:01

Create and manage user accounts

The new control panel allows Rambla customers to create and manage their own user accounts and set credentials and permissions. Customers are now also able to monitor the credit consumption for their user accounts. Post-paid customers will receive a monthly bill in an automated fashion, with invoices containing an overview of the credit consumption per customer. Combined with the functionality of our web-services (see also the RAMS upgrade announcement), these new features allow our customers to easily resell (part of) our services.

File and media management

User accounts can manage their media files and folders via the control panel, without the need for an FTP or RASS client. Our media management panel now includes controls for creating and deleting files and directories. If desired, your account can also be configured for instant synchronization: this will make the files you've uploaded using the control panel immediately available on all CDN servers (contact Rambla support for more info).

New and improved statistics

The new version of our media monitoring panel provides access to a whole new set of statistics, which are also included as part of the reporting pages. These advanced statistics are not generated by default. Each layer of statistics can be turned on separately for your user account (contact Rambla support for more info). When enabled, all advanced statistics can also be retrieved using our RAMS API.

The User Behaviour layer allows you to analyze how long end-users are downloading or streaming your media. These statistics are available at the file level.

  • For each file, it is possible to get an overview of the time spent streaming (or downloading) by end-users. This is done by attaching all end-users to a given time section (0-10 seconds, 10-30 seconds, ...), which results in an overview of the number of views for each time section (e.g. 2022 users watched 0-10 seconds of a video, 5061 users watched 10-30 seconds, ...).
  • In the same way, it is possible to get an overview of the percentage of a file streamed by end-users. This provides you with an overview of the number of views for each percentage range (e.g. 1284 users watched 0-10 % of the video, 54544 users watched 10-20 %, ...).

The User Origin layer allows you to track the origin of your end-users, based on their top-level domain, hostname or geographical location (city, country, region). These statistics are available at the user account level.

The Concurrent Live Users layer allows you to retrieve the number of concurrent live viewers measured at an interval of your own choice (as frequent as once every 10 seconds). These statistics are available at the user account level.

Third-party access

In some cases, you may want to give a third party access to (a sub-directory of) your user account (e.g. for uploading their files via FTP). The new control panel allows you to manage this yourself, by allowing you to create external accounts. These external accounts can also be used to provide third parties with access to (part of) your statistics. For instance, you can use this to share your custom reports for certain live-streams with your sponsors.

And some extras

Besides enhancements to the control panel's user interface and an improved overall performance, we've also added some extra tools. The traffic meter provides you with a quick overview of your traffic consumption. The traffic calculator makes it easy to calculate the costs of future bandwidth consumption. And our technical news feed (RSS) allows you to subscribe to all future technical announcements (e.g. new features or services, IP address changes ...).

RAWS upgraded to version 3.20
01/11/2010 - 17:00

On Monday November 1 2010, we have upgraded all Rambla Web Services (= RAWS) to version 3.20. For the Rambla Monitoring Service (= RAMS), this is a major upgrade consisting of a partial re-design and lots of new features. For the other web services (RASS, RATS and RASE), which had previously been upgraded to version 3.00, the upgrade mainly consists of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Here is a short overview of the main new features for RAMS:

  • Support for advanced analytics layers:
    • User behaviour data added to the traffic resource.
    • New geo resource for retrieval of user origin statistics.
    • New concurrent resource for retrieval of concurrent live users statistics.
  • New resources for retrieving customer-specific data:
    • Resource for retrieving all user accounts: users.
    • Resource for retrieving credit payments: payed.
    • Resource for retrieving used credits: used.
  • New helper resources: traffic-type and ping resource.
  • Support for ATOM pagination.
  • Date ranges can be used as query-string arguments for 'traffic', 'concurrent', 'used' and 'payed' resources.
  • Support for recursive 'traffic' requests.

For more details about this upgrade see the release notes on our wiki. Please note that the advanced analytics features require the related analytics layers to be turned on first (contact Rambla support for more info).

You can also find a new version of the open source PHP and Python client libraries for RAWS on Google Code. To get started using the new resources, we recommend that you first take a look at the example scripts.

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